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T-shirt with personal print (DRY FIT)


    Sweat-wicking T-shirt with personal print (DRY FIT)

    Everyone knows  the name Dry-Fit as a clothing brand of the “NIKE” company that includes technologies that evaporate the body’s moisture and make it evaporate so that we can feel cooler during sports activities. The Dry-Fit is a registered trademark of the company and at the same time other brands such as: Adidas, Asics, Puma, Reebok offer similar technology in sportswear.

    Dry -Fit technology has been copied by many other companies, and smaller retailers are able to offer technology similar to that offered by the big brands. Great emphasis should be placed on shirt quality and not to compromise on cheap shirts because they do not do their job properly.

    What is a sweat-wicking shirt made of?

    A sweat-wicking shirt is actually a shirt made of 100% polyester, but you can now find shirts made from a combination of polyester, cotton, stretch and organic materials.

    The wide variety in the sportswear market today also offers sweat-wicking shirts that provide additional protection from the sun’s rays. These shirts are more common in the clothing lines of polo and golf shirts.

    How does a sweat-wicking shirt work?

    The shirt absorbs moisture from the skin and passes it out through the fabric. Once the moisture comes in contact with the fabric it evaporates. The fabric is a breathable fabric and thus it helps maintain the circulation of the air that penetrates through it and reaches the skin.

    When do you use a sweat-wicking shirt?

    The vast majority of people use sweat-wicking shirts during exercise. You can also wear them to work or anywhere else but keep in mind that most of them are not particularly fashionable shirts.

    What is the price of a sweat-wicking shirt?

    As mentioned above, there are many brands that market the shirt. The price of a quality shirt ranges from 160 NIS to 300 NIS per unit. The prices of the well-known brands are around NIS 230 per item, and equipping a diverse wardrobe will result in an expense of thousands of shekels.

    How to wash a sweat-wicking shirt?

    It is recommended not to wash the shirt in the washing machine. Also, do not use a tumble dryer as this may impair the efficiency of the shirt. Do not bleach and iron. Can be washed in cold to lukewarm water and it would be better to do it by hand washing.


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